Old-Style Writing

Nowadays, students are very much dependent on technology to do their tasks—no more computing, no more analyzing. Just simply input the data onto a device and you're done. In fact, some students find it awfully laborious to write down anything without the help of their computers. Most students are used to technology that even their handwriting is slower than their typing speed.

            Personally, when I was a student, I could not imagine doing an essay or a research paper without the help of a computer. I don't use handwritten drafts—I type my essays on the computer and edit them there. However, there are instances when a computer may not be available. Some teachers still require you to write an essay without the aid of a computer. On-the-spot writing exercises are ultimately unavoidable, and no matter how much you complain, these one-the-spot writing exercises will still be present in most classes.

            Of course, it would be quite necessary to engage oneself in “old-style writing” and to actually think of it as a good means to exercise those handwriting skills. Besides, you won't be signing your signature via computer. Legit documents need to be signed with your hand, not with your computerized signature. Just think positively of the writing exercise without the computer keyboard and you'll get through it.

            Apart from this, it would be good to write without the dependency on Microsoft Word's auto correct feature—you can improve your grammar and spelling by actually writing things down and using a dictionary to check whether what you've written is correct. Also, you'd have to be really creative. Some people even browse online for ideas before actually writing their work. In a nutshell, it wouldn't be so bad to learn to love that pen, after all.

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